Top Up Degrees in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Fast track route for CILSCM members:

  • MBA/M.Sc in Supply Chain Management
  • MBA/M.Sc in Purchasing and Supply Management
  • MBA/M.Sc in Management
  • MBA/M.Sc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


About this course:

These courses are suitable if you are a full member of CSCPM, ISM, IOSCM, IIMM, CIWM, APICS, CISCM, ISCEA (CSCM), CIPS, CILT ASTL, ISMM r IPSCMI with minimum of 10 years managerial experience in logistics and supply chain management.  It allows you to gain an honours degree anywhere in the US or internationally. You build on your existing knowledge in supply chain management, learning about the best practices in logistics and supply chain management coursework electronically at a time that suits you.

As it is distance learning, you can complete it without having to take time out from work or move away from home.

Building on your existing knowledge, you learn how to use and apply the latest logistics and supply chain management technologies and improve your management skills. This enables you to work in many areas of supply chain management needed in a wide range of organisations.

You can meet regularly with a study manager at one of our Approved Study Centres/ Rigistered Training College near to you to discuss your progress on the courses. You can also meet with other students.

Most of your coursework and communication with lecturers and other students takes place electronically, at a time to suit you. You need frequent access to a computer that can run our software and access the internet.


About CILSCM Global and the Degrees in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The Institute has a contract with Career Point University, India, Hill City University,Republic of Benin , West Africa Union University, Republic of Benin, St Monica University, Cameroon, Alliance International University, Zambia, Business University of Costa Rica,and San Juan De La Cruz University, Costa Rica to run fast-track degrees or top up programmes for professionally qualified people.

CISCM global is responsible for the promotion and administration of the Logistics and Supply Chain Management off-campus programmes.  The university is responsible for all academic matters and the awarding of the degrees.

Are you a full member of CSCPM, ISM, IOSCM, APICS, CISCM, ISCEA (CSCM) , CIPS, CILT ASTL, ISMM or IPSCMI?  The University has assessed the membership criteria of the following institutes and can allow entry to this fast-track degrees programme to any past or present member of these institutes providing the person has substantial and relevant managerial experience.


  • Degrees will be awarded by Top-Rated University in Costa Rica.
  • Gain globally recognised qualifications/degrees
  • Boost your career prospects by combining a degree with your membership certificate in logistics and supply chain management.
  • Our graduates comes from over 60 countries globally
  • The University is listed in the UNESCO International Association of Universities Directory of Higher Education and the International Handbook of Universities as Universidad San Juan de la Cruz.
  • Exempted because you are a full member of the Institute with experience
  • Just to write and pass 3 courses/modules of 200 objectives online examinations questions
  • Minimum of 10 years management experience in logistics and supply chain management as a disciple.


Duration: 6 Months only.

Degree Fee in USD (please send an email to

Method of Studies:  Distance Leaning Method

All enquires on degree certification and membership should be addressed to our e-mail:


san juan de la cruzSan Juan de la Cruz University

The Universities are listed in the United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) International Association of Universities under the country of Costa Rica and the International Handbook of Universities, an official guide/ directory of Internationally Accredited Universities published by the United Nations.





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